Sunday, 12 July 2015

Club Photoshoot - Wednesday 15th July

As you may be aware the the motivational theme for our next meeting (September, as we do not have a monthly meeting in August) is Macro Photography.

At this month's club meeting it was decided that we should try to arrange the photoshoot for this month around this theme. Accordingly our usual meeting place of The Cabin in Rossinver has now been booked from 7:30pm to 10:00pm for next Wednesday (15th July) for a session in which members can find out what is meant by (and try their hands at) macro photography. 

Club member Padraig Thornton says he will bring his dedicated Canon macro lens with him, and has kindly offered to allow those members with a Canon camera to try this lens on their cameras if they wish; and member Marty Cooke will have his 105mm Nikon macro lens with him and is happy to give those members who shoot with a Nikon the opportunity to try this out on their cameras.

We will also look at ways in which it may be possible to shoot macro type photographs if you do not have a macro lens, or do not have a camera on which you can change the lens.

If the evening is fine we may be able to get some macro shots of flowers or insects outside The Cabin. If not we shall work indoors.

As well having your camera with you, bring along a tripod if you have one. And if you have any small objects that you think may be suitable subjects for macro photography bring those with you as well.

Hoping to see as as many of you as possible on the night.

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