Friday, 15 April 2016

Club Photoshoot - Sunday 17 April 2016

This month's club photoshoot will be held this Sunday (17th April).

We shall initially be meeting at the Glencar Waterfall car park at 5:00pm for some shots of the waterfall itself and maybe Glencar Lake.

We shall then be heading on to Rosses Point, where the plan is to meet at 6:30pm at the small car park next to the "Waiting On The Shore" statue on the R291 road near the Yeats Country Hotel, Spa & Leisure Club. There is a possibility we may get some nice shot of the sunset here, which might be useful for this month's motivational theme (The Colour Red). 

Just in case the evening is too cloudy to see the sunset, the organisers of the shoot have suggested that members could maybe bring along with them something red that could be photographed - red items of clothing, for example.

Members are advised to bring rain gear just in case, and it would also be advisable to wear sensible waterproof footwear. And, of course, a tripod might be useful as well, if you have one (I shall bring a spare one with me).

In-Car SatNav coordinates for the Glencar Waterfall are N54°20'19.2" W8°22'08.9" (or N54.338657, W8.369135)

And the In-Car SatNav coordinates for the Rosses Point meeting spot are N54°18'19.0" W8°34'02.6" (or N54.305289, W8.567388).

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